Chaotic state of thinking

They are a few questions that I have been asking myself lately.

Why am I doing this? What are my goals? Who am I and most importantly who am I as a photographer?

Although I love technology, I am not a gear head. I have been using the same camera for as long as I can remember and added one more lens to my kit about 3 years ago. I love dissecting and slowly rebuilding my images to what I want but I am no long enjoying spending hours in front of a computer. I currently feel nothing when I take photos. I feel completely detached from photography.

I have gone through all of my images dating back to 2007 as a way to change the way I see, my approach and even read so many books on creativity and inspiration and nothing has helped. I find every excuse not to pick up my camera. So I decided to accept it.

Instead of worrying and continue to obsess over it, I have made the decision to simply got with the flow. This means allowing myself to play and dive into other types of photography.

By trying other forms of photography, I am hoping to develop skills that I do not have. In the meantime here are some old images from one of my favourite photography trips….


2 Comments Add yours

  1. paula graham says:

    Recognise and sympathise with your musings….super photos again though!

    1. pammyv02 says:

      Thanks Paula

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