The importance of having personal projects

When I first started my photography journey, all I did was take pictures of what was pretty and what appealed to me. This great when you first start as it was a great way for me to familiarise myself with my camera.

However as my skills progressed shooting randomly no longer appealed to me. I found that over time, I just got bored and I kept stopping over and over again. I had no motivation whatsoever.

The only way I found to keep myself on track and focused is by setting myself projects. Personal projects allow you to renew your passion for photography which is the reason why you started this journey in the first place. At the moment I have three projects going but this doesn’t mean you have to do the same (my attention span is incredibly low so I need a few things going for me not to get bored).

A great to start is to set yourself short assignments for a duration of a month or 3 months. Something you can do every weekend. Set yourself achievable goals and make sure you follow through.

Last but not least make sure you share your work. Feedbacks from peers are a great way to improve your work but bare in mind that not everyone has the same way of thinking or outlook in the world.

Contemporary dance
Contemporary dance
Contemporary dance
Contemporary dance




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