What to think about when starting a photography project

Photography projects are a great way to not only develop your skills, they can also help ……. but they also a great way to keep focus and always having something to shoot.

Just like any other projects, they are a few things to think about before you start:

You will need a subject – Just like style of photography, this is very personal. The most important thing to think about here is what speaks to you. Not technique you’ve seen but the story behind the project. What drives you to do it? Are they any untold stories that need to be heard?

You will need a lead time – How long will carry out this project for? A month, a year or indefinitely until your vision is achieved.

You will need to set yourself a goal –  The aim here is to keep yourself inspired and believe in it long enough to carry out till the end. What are you trying to achieve? What would the end result be?

Share your journey – It took me a while to start sharing my and I truly believe that it is the best thing to do. You will get encouragement and feedback which is sometimes the exact push we need.

I myself have been working on a few projects and one of the is some absolutely striking architecture. I love modern architecture than anybody but nothing beats the craftsmanship and details in some iconic traditional architecture. One of them being the National History Museum in London.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.

National History Museum




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