A sense of timing – Minute

They say that in photography timing is everything. Having captured numerous images over the years , I’ve come to believe this to be true.

Timing is a skill that can be learned but seeing a photograph does not necessarily tell you the steps involved in creating such image.

A photograph is created using light. The light, it’s direction, colour, brightness, absorption and reflection that gives us the ability to see things and capture them. Overall, a photograph is an interpretation of the photographer of what was seen and/or felt emotionally at a given time.

Some images come about with timing, skills and practice. I can remember sometimes waiting for hours on particular days to capture the image that I envisioned. In doing so, I put hours, practice to recognise when the perfect time comes around. Sometimes it is a matter of waiting just a few minutes for a cloud to pass.

In this instance, I waited for the cloud to roll in to cast a shadow for me to click the shutter. Hence the name of this image.

Minute by Pamela Aminou

This image is a combination of composition, weather and timing. By waiting for the cloud to roll in, it added more interest and makes the subject stand out.

Timing impacts light heavily in my work and my perfect timing maybe be different from the next photographer. Lastly the right time really depends on the vision that we may have for our final image.

A part of learning photography involves appreciating and capturing beauty. The awareness of activity and moments surrounding us and the ability to pre-visualize what will happen next, as well as preparedness in the face of pure dumb luck, is what helps create a good to great photograph. Henri Cartier-Bresson  called this “the decisive moment”. All the technical skill available is next to useless if you’re not “at the right place at the right time”; the coming together of light, subject, moment, viewpoint, and technique.

Here’s a quick video edit of this image.


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