My Resolutions


After the festivities, it is customary to reflect on the past year and make a list of what we would do differently in the new year. The problem with resolution is that we usually forget about them by the end of January.

This year I really do not feel like making any such list. Instead of making a list, how about making some life resolutions instead?

The end of last year was a particularly tough one and a hard reminder that life is indeed very short. So my life resolution is to pursue my passions and dreams. Create beautiful things that can move me and hopefully anyone else that sees it.

I love creating and I would love to combine this with my love of travelling. However, with a full time it seems like it would be an impossible task. The only way I see to achieve this is to have a better organisation and also learn to budget.

2016 has already started on a good footing. I finally took the plunge and purchased a desktop computer which makes it so much easier on the workflow, my eyes. I still have a few things to improve on and this includes post processing.

I am also looking to collaborate with other like minded. If anything comes to mind, I would love to hear about it and see how we work together. Even if it is a question about photography, I am happy to hear it and I will do my best to answer them even if it is to do with my personal.

Last but not least, I have a few personal projects in the works. The scale of one of them is frighteningly exciting but I am looking forward to show you some results soon.

A wonderful day to you all


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