Putting yourself out there

I was watching the Brene Brown talk on Netflix last week and there’s a point that she made that greatly identified with.

If I tell you that I am on Instagram and other social media sites but very few of my followers on this platform know about this blog, would you believe me? Yes, you definitely read right.

I keep my world small intentionally. I have an intense fear of criticism that I talk myself out of things before I even try. It is so paralysing that I just end up keeping myself to myself.

Although some steps might be small for others, they big leaps for me. I’ve sent out my images to magazines once and because I did not hear back the first time, I just didn’t try again.

I remember getting a comment on one of my images that stuck with me for days. It’s says “Your work is really improving”. Mind you this is not the worst comment anyone have ever had on social media but then the doubts crept in. What about the images that I posted before or last week, were they bad? Should I re-edit them? Should I go back out and recapture them?

I’ve come to realise that I put too much emphasis on what others think of my work. After all, I’ve always said to myself that each capture is for me and nobody else. From time to time on those bad days, all you need is just one comment for the self doubt to creep in. I am sure that we are all guilty of this but one is for sure, we are not ourselves if our aim in life is to please others. That is a recipe for a very unhappy life that none of deserve.

My promise to myself is to show up, do the work and if I succeed – GREAT. In cases that I don’t and I haven’t I really hope that I learn from it.

The image that I’m sharing with you today, I call “A moment in time” – it seems fitting for this post.

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A moment in time by Pamela Aminou


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. David Kessel says:

    Continue to take the pictures you want to take, make the images you want to make. If others like them too then that is a bonus. Listen to those whose feedback you value and ignore the rest.

    1. pammyv02 says:

      A truly great advice. Thank you

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