For the love of 35mm

Lately, I’ve loving using my 35mm camera. On a recent holiday, I was surprised to use it a lot more than my digital camera. I love working at the slower pace and also not knowing what I’ve captured.

I am currently working towards developing my own rolls too. Chemicals and tanks have all been delivered, 8 recent rolls to develop.

So far, I’ve been using using 2 different films – Ilford HP5 and the Pancro 400. I’ve had wonderful results with the HP5 so far but I am yet to see the results of the Pancro 400.

As for editing, you can say that I am a hybrid since I am still using photoshop. The image below was captured using the Pentax ME on the HP5 film.

Secrets of Florence


Prints and Ebook available on my site:


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