London Marathon – Elite Men

LM14 - EMR
London Marathon 2014 – Elite Men
LM14 - EMR3
London Marathon 2014 – Elite Men
LM14 - EMR4
London Marathon 2014 – Elite Men
LM14 - EMR2
London Marathon 2014 – Elite Men

Morning everybody,

Hope the week has been going well so far.

A few more images from the London Marathon 2014, the Elite Men Race. The highlight of the day being able to get a great vantage point to be able to shoot from. This meant that I had to get there pretty early. I chose to position myself on a corner which meant that the runners would have to slow down at this particular point. This gave me the opportunity to follow them a little more easily without having to zoom in and out.

I used to lenses throughout, an 85mm with a friend’s Canon 5D and my Nikon D7000 with a Sigma 70 – 200mm lens. I must say that I was a little disappointed with the Nikon ability to focus. There was a lot of hesitation and a lot of darting which was extremely frustrating.

At the beginning of the race, I used the Canon with the 85mm. The image published here was taken with the 85mm lens on the Canon 5D. No hesitation at all, quick focusing and continuous firing.

Am afraid I’ve been completely ruined now. No longer fan of Nikon (not to say that I will be getting rid of my D7000 as yet).

I loved shooting these events, I love the crowd, the participants are a great inspiration. So I’ve looking to do more of it.

Have a wonderful day everybody!!!




London Marathon 2014 – Part 1

London Marathon 2014
London Marathon 2014

Good morning everybody,

Yes!!! It’s Monday again. It seems that the year is going much faster than usual. Not only we are in April but Easter is literally just around the corner. That’s enough complaints for a day……

After my post, am sure you would expect some architectural images but I wouldn’t be me without heading to the London Marathon. Came home with a record 600 images to go through but the good news is I have loads great shots this year than last year which means loads of difficult choices to make.

My first favourite is from the Men Wheelchair. These men and women never fail to amaze and inspire me in a lot ways every time.

The participant in the image above is Tomasz Hamerlak representing Poland and finished the 26 miles race in 1h38mins50secs putting him in 16th place of the Men Wheelchair participants.

A wonderful day everybody!!!
Paméla xoxo

To HDR or Not To HDR?

In the photographic community, HDR is still sensitive subject. Some photographers use it as a way to bring bring information out in shadows that would otherwise be lost. Good example is in Night photography.   On the other side of the spectrum, it is a processing technique that is part of their work. HDR when done correctly can be very beautiful and breathtaking. A lot of people hate the fact that it can look over-processed and fake. I myself, not sure where I fall in the category as yet. It is difficult enough for me to sit down and edit images let alone HDR. The image am sharing today was taken during the London Marathon 2013. After seeing it, my friend suggested I use the HDR in photoshop as it might be cool. Curious as I am I din and here are the results.

The Original image taken
The Original image taken
HDR processing results
HDR processing results

What are your thoughts on HDR? Which of these images do you prefer?

Hope everybody had a wonderful weekend and a great start to the week!!!

Marathon 2013 – More Images

Thought I’ll share some before and after images of my Marathon 2013 images. Yes, again with the Marathon. I did say that I ended with 800 images so bare with me. Editing is a nightmare at the moment. Laptop doing exactly what it wants…..
London Marathon 2013

With Editing, I usually start with Adobe Raw not knowing exactly what I’ll end up with. Sometimes I don’t even like the images but I keep it anyway forget about it then get back to it. It usually helps visualise an outcome.

London Marathon 2013

These were the first images I took. After these, I locked the Exposure and it helped quite a lot with composition. I straightened the image, recomposed the image and Exposure slightly to even out the gap in the middle of the image (sorry not sure what to call it). However, I kept the light on the Athlete darker as it draws Attention to him.
Hope everyone like it what I saw………

Images taken using the Nikon D7000

London Marathon 2013

Hope everyone’s had a great week so far.
Just a quick post to share with everyone what I got up to on Sunday. The London Marathon. Should be proud of me as much as I am proud of myself. Woke early just so I can get some decent images.
Cannot express how much I admire these guys!!!
Hope you guys like it.
Image taken using Nikon D7000
xxx Pammy xxx

Lack of Update

Sorry for my lack of update during the past few days. I took advantage of the long weekend to move. Am still logging my crap from Old to New.

And my provider giving me until 17th of April to put in my new line doesn’t help. Feel like am living in the Stone Age.

Hope everyone is had a great start to the week.

xx Pammy xx