My analog photography journey ……

For a while now I’ve haven’t had a same feeling I get when I pick up my camera. So I promised myself that I will get more involved with analog.

I have the camera and the film and I just needed to get going. I promised myself that this year, I will put more effort into it.

Getting started was easy but getting tangible results proved a little more problematic and more expensive than I thought.

My first and second were a wash. Out of 35 frames on each roll, I managed to have 10 decent images. That’s discouraged me a little but it wasn’t about to give up.

I then found out that the light meter on the camera wasn’t working properly so I decided to get a light meter app. That didn’t help much probably didn’t because I didn’t have the patience for it.

As a photographer, I’m not a fan of shooting 20frames per second on digital, when the cost of film processing is a lot more than digital, it definitely makes you rethink everything before you press the shutter.

Here are the few images that I’ve been successful with. Although I would have liked better results, the imperfections are what makes me like these images. It’s almost makes you smile to think about the effort put in.

Why I love architectural photography


It is no secret that if you have followed me for a while that I love architectural photography. I have created many images of numerous architectural subjects and I’ve come to love and each time I create a new image my pulse literally.

It is the excitement of seeing something new, creating something in my mind and finally see it come to life.

Architecture is part of our daily lives. Each building is designed in a specific way to enrich our lives and our skies. They are all unique and their own hidden depth. My aim is to create something beautiful and extraordinary out of what I see. That is my favourite part of my work.Instead of documenting the subject, my aim for this part is to create something that means that is personal to me. It is about making something my own. My image, my story to tell and for the viewer to interpret it as they will.

We all work a different way. The internet is flooded with millions of images if not billions each day. So do I want to create something to buried in all the noise of something to stand out. When put in that perspective, my way of thinking changes. There’s only one me so why let my work blend in or get buried.

My aim is to push myself with each image and to ask myself each time what I am creating? What am I trying to say?



Fine Art Photography Awards 2017

When it comes to photography competitions, I never know which ones to enter or what images to enter.

However, I promised myself that this that I will get out of my comfort zone and enter a few. So I entered the Fine Art Photography Awards. The results were announced last week and to my surprise all my images were nominated.

Not bad for a first time right!!!!! Here are the images that I entered.

Creativity takes work

When I first started on this journey, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I tried every type of photography, copied emulated until my black and white photography found me.

Even though I found myself in black and white photography, I was still unsettled. I needed more and I wanted more. Through a lot of research, I came across the work of many photographers and the ones that stayed with me were Michael Levin, Joel Tjintjelaar and Julia Anna Gospodarou and so much more. What stood out for me were the way the subject were portrayed. The way the viewer is drawn into the image. With each of these photographers work, each image draws you in and holds your gaze each time. I knew this is what I needed in my work but how do I achieve this?

I wasn’t any good at photoshop and I also hated sitting down to edit. Well, only one way to solve this is by doing the work. Learn to be a proficient user at photoshop, learn to tell a story with my image and most importantly work toward getting a style of my own.

Saying that the journey wasn’t hard and took me a lot of hours and most of all, a lot of patients. The best way for me to learn was to be thrown into the deep end.

Unity by Pamela Aminou
Unity by Pamela Aminou

The above image is the first one that I took on. It took me over a month to complete. Why? Before starting I had no idea how to make a selection or what the pen tool was. Well I had to learn. I had a lot of help from Julia for helping through this. When I started, I really did not know what I was going for nor that I visualised the final work. I had to ask myself what made me take this image at this particular angle. It reminded of people coming together hence the name UNITY.

There were quite a few things that learned in the short space of time but when you have your mind set on certain you just don’t stop.

From there, I took on one of the most complex images ever. Below you will find the starting image.After applying literally everything I’ve learned, I started to create more and more images. I concentrated on simple lines. I started to crave an little more. So to challenge myself, I started to work on more complicated images.

The first one being below which took me about a month to complete but bare in mind that I was just starting.


This brings me to the image that I’ve just completed. Here is the starting image.

Starting image

After 103 layers, here is the final image.

DX8A4341 copy

All in all, creativity takes work, how much is up to you.

Monday’s Inspiration – Samuel H Gottscho

Samuel Herman Gottscho was an American architectural, landscape, and nature photographer born in 1875. After attending several architectural photograph exhibitions, Gottscho decided to perfect and improve his own work and sought out several architects and landscape architects. After twenty-three years as a traveling lace and fabric salesman, Gottscho became a professional commercial photographer at the age of 50.

His son-in-law William Schleisner joined Gottscho in his business in 1935. During this time his photographs appeared in and on the covers of American Architect and Architecture, Architectural Record. His portraits and architectural photography regularly appeared in articles in the New York Times. His photographs of private homes in the New York and Connecticut suburbs often appeared in home decoration magazines. From the early 1940s to the late 1960s, he was a regular contributor to the Times of illustrated articles on wildflowers.

Gottscho believed he created some of his best work at the age of 70. In 1967, his botanical work won him the New York Botanical Garden’s Distinguished Service Medal.  He died in Jamaica, Queens, New York.

Approximately 29,000 of his images are held in the Gottscho-Schleisner collection at the U. S. Library of Congress.  Additionally, over 40,000 are held by the Museum of the City of New York, where an exhibition of his work titled “The Mythic City: Photographs of New York by Samuel H. Gottscho, 1925-1940,” opened in November 2005.  A third major archive of his work is held by Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library at Columbia


Art and Soul

You may have noticed that there’s been a while since I have not posted anything other than the Monday’s Inspiration posts. There’s a reason why.

The last few months of last year and this year have been really hard on me. I have lost my grand-mother and it’s been very tough on me. I was raised by grand-mother and I feel like a part of myself have been lost since then. A truly significant part. I am still feeling quite lost as though part of me is missing.

So creating anything has been really difficult. I have been finding it difficult to focus and to do the basic of things. Although times have been quite confusing, I am at the place where I feel like everything is fleeting and fragile as though I’ve been running out of time and it is time to create something else.

I am at a crossroads where I’m questioning my purpose and I’m searching for my contribution to this world of ours.

And so the confusion continues. In the meantime, I am sharing with you an image I created last year and if you have any advice I’m willing to listen.

Have a great weekend everybody

Upstaged - Pamela_Aminou

Noises, Doubts & Wishes!!!

Here’s to silencing the noises, the doubts and the questions
Here’s to listening to that little voice
Here’s to perseverance
Here’s to believing that wishes do come true
Here’s to reaching for the stars
Here’s to a another prosperous year.
Happy birthday to me!!