Learning to experiment

I am often in awe of others ability to experiment when creating. Whether it is photographers, illustrators, painters and even more multi-disciplinary artists, you will find a various array of artists whose work that often inspire me.

However, I haven’t allowed myself to experiment as much as those that I admire. Perhaps, it is because I am yet to reach that stage.

My journey in photography has been in two stages. First there’s the initial learning followed by growth and implementation of what’s been learned. As things have become quite monotone, I am opening myself up to more experimentation.

Although my work has changed over the years, I have actively been looking for ways to do things a little more differently. One of my current ways is to play more with abstract images as there’s less rigidity which allows for more play.

Even though the capture often dictates where I would go during the edits, abstract image are of the rare type where I allow myself to be surprised. In this instance, it resulted in four images where two where with lots of light and focus on details and the remaining two with a focus on shadows and patterns. Seeing those images side by side prompted me to create something new. Most importantly, creating something that I otherwise wouldn’t.

This experimentation yielded an image called ‘Ying Yang’.

Ying Yang @ Pamela Aminou

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Barry Medlin says:

    Absolutely love this Pamela!!!

    1. pammyv02 says:

      Thank you Barry!

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