Not every moment needs to be a Photograph

In this digital era, it is so easy to get lost behind our phones or cameras to capture everything that we see. It is also so much easier to capture an unlimited amounts of photographs provided that we have the memories to store everything.

As much as I believe that it is important to capture as often as possible, it doesn’t mean that every photograph needs to be captured. Although I am still learning and have along way to go, I strongly believe that a few strong photographs are better than thousands of mediocre images. After all, our aim is to create strong and powerful body of work.

It is evident that our approach changes with experience. We stop craving the rush behind numerous meaningless images in favour of more composed and well executed images that tell a story. Images that would potentially work together.

This kind of work can only be accomplished with discipline, focus and concentration. It is okay to say No and revisit the same place until all elements align. Patience always pays off..

I have come to learn that sometimes my skillset is not enough or developed enough to create what I envision. The image below was originally captured 2018 or earlier and then edited in 2021. Find out more HERE.

Galaxy © Pamela Aminou

The image below took a few years to come to capture as the weather did not permit.

Wish Upon a star © Pamela Aminou

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