Everything is about perspective


One of the ways that I pass the time on my break at work is to scroll through media as a way to decompress. Recently I came across a quote that hit home. To paraphrase “Instead of worrying about our end goal and how hard it is to achieve, one should concentrate on the next step.”

As an over-thinker, this truly hit home. Not only was it what I needed to hear at that particular time as I was struggling. This quote also made me think about photography.

The way we capture each image is also all about perspective. A perspective that’s unique to us as individuals.

Perspective in art is one’s point of view. Personal perspective are formed by the layered aspects that form our individual identities. This could be any number of defining aspects. These aspects form our unique biographical experiences that constitute our point of view.

Perspective is also something that can be changed through education and practice. One of the best photography tips that has stayed with me all throughout the years, is to always have a open mind. This allows me to not be too focused on idea that I miss what is around me and always be open to new and different perspective.

The two images that I am sharing art that if the same subject. Although these were taken on different days, by being open to new ideas, I was open to capturing new perspective without discounting what I had already captured. This approach yielded two individually powerful images that represent two very different perspectives.

What does perspective mean to you?


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  1. paula graham says:

    LOVE the way you see, take and process these photos…super classy

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