Luminaire is thought of as a flood light or electric light. This image certainly did not start out that way.

For about a year or so, I once again started being interested in shapes and patterns. Perhaps my love of geometry is finally coming to good use. The more I look around, the more patterns I see which in turn lead to creating abstracts.

Each image is as different as the next but as a rule of thumb, I go out to capture abstract when the weather is uninteresting. This allows me to capture what I would consider a blank canvas – a RAW image with minimal contrast and shadows that allows processing to be easier.

This image was captured at La Défence in Paris. I had taken a few days off for my birthday with photography in mind. Since the weather did not allow for what I had in mind, I had to make do. This meant switching gears and concentrating on abstracts instead.

I find abstract comforting as it draws away from natural appearance and anything thats’s recognisable, departing from the true meaning, existence and reality.

This field allows me to get outside my norm and play with shapes, light and shadows. There’s no limit to the techniques that can be used to create as there are no rules.

No concrete reason why I am attracted to this genre of photography but I am sure that it allows me to show a deeper level of creativity.

Luminaire @ Pamela Aminou

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