What is my thing?


I worried a lot about “what is my thing?”. Everything I read about photography said to find a lane and stick to it. This means finding a field that I like and sticking to it.

This is hard to do especially when you still haven’t found what you like. I started with cityscape but quickly abandoned it as I was always missing sunsets and found it too hard to wake up for sunrises. I quickly realised that I would rather experience them. I later found that I had an interest in architecture and fine art photography. But these two things are not mutually exclusive

Although the majority of my work is architecture, I also love still life and have been dabbling in the latter for a while. However, it has been a little hard lately to dedicate time and create in a manner that I would really like.

My work has changed and hopefully evolved. What started with cityscape has progressed to architecture and abstract and more of a study on light and shadows.

Being versatile and interested in other type of photography has given me the opportunity to experience a little of everything that I like, whether it is travelling, learning and getting out of my comfort zone and hopefully grow creatively.

I still have’t found my thing as I am constantly looking for better ways to express myself.

Fragility I © Pamela Aminou – The first image I had published in a magazine and one of my first still life images

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  1. emaralive says:

    “You don’t take pictures with your camera. You take pictures with your mind and your heart.”
    Arnold Newman

    The quote came from a different source than the link I'll post at the end but, I found it relevant to your post due to the meaning, from my viewpoint,  that Newman was trying to convey regardless of any thinglane or, if you will, genre of photography. The article of interest is as follows (you may find it of interest as well):

    Bill Jay Archive: Arnold Newman: A Personal Appreciation, The United Nations of Photography

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