Lap around the shore

At prospect of visiting my mother’s hometown, my thought was to visit Lake Togo. The lake is the largest part of a lagoon separated from the Atlantic Ocean by a narrow coastal strip. The point where the lake meets the ocean an be clearly seen from the shores of Aneho.

Once again I was excited at the prospect of being near a body of water. Being near water evoke feelings of peace, creativity and wellbeing.

Over centuries, water has inspired painters, photographers, writers, poets and even musicians. Research suggests that our brains are hardwired to respond positively to water. Being near water calm and connect us , increase innovation, insight and even heals what’s broken.

Science surprisingly shows that being near, in or under water can make us happier, healthier, more connected and better at living life.

One of the many benefits that stands out to me is creativity. Being near the water give our brains a chance to rest from the over stimulation of modern day living. Simplifying what we see and hear around us free it up for a different set of processes, activating the default network mode. This is part of the brain network that is associated with daydreaming, imagination, consolidation of memories self-referential thought, insight and introspection. This is why our best ideas come to us while we are in the shower.

While in the shower, all our external and stimuli are removed and the steady stream of water relaxes and soothes the mind. This is why our best ideas come to us during mundane activities.

It is also believed that this state of mind can also make us feel more compassionate by reminding us of the vastness of nature and our place in the universe. Water makes us feel more connected to something beyond ourselves.

By the rocks© Pamela Aminou
By the rocks © Pamela Aminou

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