Negative space and minimalist photography

Since minimalism is one of my favourite photography styles, negative space is one of my favourite compositional tools to achieve such images.

When creating minimalist images, they are a few things to consider. Not only we need to be considerate about what to include but also what to leave out. Another element that needs to be considered is negative space.

Negative space is simply the space around the main subject in our image. Since, I have been more drawn to minimal art, most of the images that I create include the use of a lot of negative space.

The beauty around negative space is that there is not right or wrong amount of negative space. The most important thing is that it flows freely around the subject and helps to focus the viewer’s eye. By increasing the negative space around a subject, there are less distractions in our image. When used correctly, negative can also add a sense of balance and harmony to an image. A visual harmony that compliment each other rather than detract from one another. By having a strong focus on our subject, we are more focused on creating a strong and thoughtful composition to accentuate our main interest.

Negative space emphasises not just our subject but also the empty space that surrounds it. The viewers eye may be drawn to a subject, but they can’t help noticing the large section of emptiness that surrounds and define that figure. The negative space gives definition and emphasis to the subject.

Negative space images are all about the interplay between the subject and theirs surroundings. Many still uses the rule of thirds as a photographic composition to create these images because the style lends itself to a unique guidelines. However, it does not have to be uniform nor does it have to be the blue sky.

The most important part of negative space is how it takes you feel. a figure surrounded by emptiness always shows a relationship between the subject and the setting. These two elements can create an intriguing effect. Negative space can also tell a story through emotion. It can help evoke a sense of loneliness.

The fun part is that they aren’t too many rules for using negative space in photography. The most important thing is to remember to experiment, step out of your comfort zone and have fun.


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  1. paula graham says:

    I am your greatest fan…stunning photos again.

    1. pammyv02 says:

      Thank you so much Paula. It truly means a lot

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