Worries! Worries! Wrong Worries!

Although last year has undoubtedly be our hardest but it was my most productive.

After losing my job just like many others, I decided not to worry too much about things that I cannot change. Instead I chose to created a daily routine that included for a new job along with creating new work. I had a lot of time to just do that.

By not worrying too much about what I was creating, I created some personal favourites.

Things have now changed this year. Although I am grateful I am grateful for my new job, it has thrown things into a loop. This means that I have far less time to create.

While worrying about how less productive I have been, I suddenly realised that I was worrying about the wrong things. Instead of worrying about how many images I have created, I should be more concerned about the quality of the ones that I get to create.

Although I am well aware that creativity is a muscle that should be exercised, one must never trade quality for quantity. Situations change and we must learn to adapt and change along with them.

The image that I am sharing is one that I created with absolutely no worries. No worry that the final image maybe too dark for some.

No worries that many rules were broken. Rules are meant to be broken and it is only by freeing ourselves from these constraints that we have the most fun and be more creative.

Twist & Turn © Pamela Aminou

The architecture in the image is one of the new buildings gracing London’s skyline. It has such interesting curves and contours that I found interesting and fascinating.

Even though, I would love to take full credit for this image, was it not for the sun reflecting off the glass facade, I would not have seen the details that attracted my eye.

As they say, right place and right time.


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