Forgotten and Rediscovered

Some images take longer to edit others. Some images come together as easily in my head as if I simply pressed the shutter of my camera. Some images come slower than the line. They are forgotten and then rediscovered.

This image fits within the box of the later. It was not a bad image when captured but it simply did not stand out. Captured on what is now a distant memorable weekend in Frankfurt. A city that I did not expect to like let alone love. A city that I would love to revisit and capture again.

With a new wave of innovation, technology and architecture, architects have been doing amazing work.

Germany’s financial capital is being rebuilt into an architecturally unique city. Frankfurt has seen a careful reconstruction effort combined into with creativity tapped from a pool of talented architects. Talented individuals than invite you be as creative as they clearly. Designs and vision that drew from my some my best images last year.

Their efforts resulted in a display in a cityscape of strikingly diverse as it’s populous. A city that also strives for a leading role in energy saving and sustainable construction.

Although this particular architecture is quite simple in geometry, it’s careful detailing drew my attention. Details that are intrinsically placed within each window pane all along each and every façade.

The sky captured on the day was completely blue and devoid any cloud, something that I am not used to as I prefer when there’s a bit of drama to the sky. It makes things a little more fun and add dynamism to images. In this instance, it is about being flexible and adaptive to circumstances.

I captured my image with a long exposure of 50secs. The composition I chose was to emphasise the subject by making it central. By darkening the sky, all distractions are removed bringing more emphasis on our subject.

To further isolate the details, they were all individually selected prior to the edit. To make them stand out, they lightened instead of darkened in post production.

Finally, a faux vignette was created to give a sense that the architecture was floating in its environment.


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