Minimalism and Me

There is something about minimalist images that always bring us a sense of peace and calm.

Early on in my photography, not only did I not know what minimalism was, neither did I think that it would feature heavily in my work now.

My entire life has been spent living in a city. Although I love the hustle and bustle, the various sounds. It is the familiar and the only thing that I know.

As I grow as an individual and an artist, I’ve learned that my emotions and desire started to influence my work. What I crave, I create and what I want to have, I also create. Even the images that I started to create of the city started to change. More abstract featuring a lot of negative space. This is both a conscious and an unconscious decision to follow this path.

Unbeknown to many, years after I first picked up the camera, a three year break followed. This unplanned break made me realise that there was a missing piece in my work and most importantly I had no connection to any of the images that I was capturing at the time.

Once I picked up the camera again, I promised myself to create images that pleased me and learning to add emotions to my images. Eventually things started to slowly come together. It is my way of expressing calm, peace, silence in a chaotic city. Feelings and emotions that I have been craving more and more of late.

Fade © Pamela Aminou

My passion lies in simplified images. By reducing the distractions and adding negative space, I am able to portray a sense of calm and silence. The calm pulls on emotions and the simplicity of the photograph opens up questions. Where, why, when and more…………

For me, creating minimalist image is a way to quiet my even agitated mind when I need it the most. These images also offer glimpses of the beauty in the simplest objects on this planet. A way to see beauty in the every day which we would normally pass without a second glance. Moments that reminds us to savour every day and soak in the beauty that surrounds us.

The original image captured details are below:

ModelCanon EOS 5D Mark III
Focal Length28.0 mm
ISO Speed100

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