Getting out of my comfort zone

As an individual with a very short attention span, I try new things often in photography. I have never shared them until now.

The reason why I try new is because I hate feeling complexent with my work. So when I start to feel stagnant or whenever I feel like I am going around in circles or when everything starts to look the same, I try something new.

Last year, I successfully developed my own 35mm rolls, attempted at creating luminograms and attented a workshop, tried my hand at still life too.

Although, I failed at the luminogram and the still life, I am not giving up and will keep at it until I succeed. However, these failures have taught me that I always choose to attempt the trickiest things.

Today I would like to talk to you about the workshop that I attended. The workshop was by a photographer who’s work I really like. For me, he is not just a photographer but a visual story teller. This is a skill that I have been wanting to learn.

Although the majority of the class covered the basics of photography, it was still good to have it covered again.

Since Martin was familiar with my work, he assigned me a different task to the other attendees. He set me the task of telling the visual story of the farm where the workshop took place. This was quite out of my comfort zone which was what I really needed.

Daylesford farm is an organic English farm in the Costworld District. I had to think about my surroundings and the time of the year and reflect this in my images. One thing that I had to let go are my personal aesthetic and think about what a potential client. At the same time, I had to immerse myself in my environment and pull see the beauty of my surroundings.

I chose to concentrate on the fact that it is an organic farm and use all the natural elements that are surrounding me. My eye for geometry and architecture also came in really handy when it came to framing.

Last but not least, my images are in colour which I haven’t done in many years. I do not hate colour, it just happens my journey to me to the black and white route which I love. I learned early on that I had to learn to see in black and white in order to instinctively know whether or not the images that I am capturing will work in black and white or not. This has become a habit and unfortunately for me, colour is not second nature to me.

However, for this exercise I had to think about how the colours translate in the story when seen by the viewer. Also how the images will work as though telling a story. The images above are the images captured on the day and below are the mood boards created to tell the story of the farm.

Daylesford Farm

Daylesford Farm

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