The benefit of practicing our photography

Although I’ve picked up my first camera for almost ten years, they are still many aspects of photography that I still love and many aspects that keep me curious.

One thing that I often do is practice my photography. In this instance, I am not talking about capturing images but practicing different aspects of my own photography.

A good example of practicing my photography in the past has resulted in a series. Photography is my favourite past time which means that I often concentrate on the bigger picture.

By practicing, I am able to concentrate on different aspects that I personally would like to concentrate on. In this instance, I started the simplicity vs intricacies series when I was bored and wanted to practice my composition. I wanted to put into practice everything that I’ve learned and also practice what I’d learned and perhaps everything I had to unlearn.

Composition is considered to be a key aspect of a good work of art. After all, it is the placement of elements in any images as well as in paintings. Just as many photographers have done, I have learned and still learn a lot about composition from paintings. As my work has changed over the last few years, I now know a bit more about my likes and dislikes. I like my composition to have just enough elements hence the reason why minimal is my usual preference. However, as with everything in my personal, I let my instincts guide me when I am in front of my subjects.

I find that too many details can rob an image of necessary details that makes correct interpretation possible. Too many elements can also be distracting.

For me, practice removes the pressure to perform as the end goal is not my next big image. By removing this goal, the pressure is removed and with this freedom comes the opportunity to discover and try new and different things.

After a while, I started to learn seeing beyond the obvious and see unique aspects of what’s in front of me whether it’s light, shape, texture and things that I will normally overlook.



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