Photography Clichés

I was going through some old images the other day and noticed something.

I saw a pattern that I never noticed before. Although I push myself not to create the same things over and over again, I must admit that I have my favourites. Favourite composition, favourite edits even. Unfortunately for me, some of those images are in my comfort zone.

Some of those images included some readily seen ones that I consider to be cliches. In this day and age, there just doesn’t seem to be any new. After all, photography is about 200 years old.

I am guilty as the next person of using cliches. In my work, you will see seascape edited the usual way. Brighton Pier being one of them. I am at a stage where I am no longer too bothered about these things. I am very selfish when it comes to my photography. The only person I want to surprise and outgrow is myself.

Other than entering our images into competitions, we are not judged on a single stand alone image. What we are judged on is a body of work. It is the only thing that really show our capabilities as photographers.

What we are left with is a personal style. Everyone has their cliches, their favourites but those images all add up to something bigger than any clichés.

In a true Pamela fashion, I am choosing a no so clichés without. One of the only 2 colour images that I’ve created in the past 5 years.



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  1. David Kessel says:

    Hi Paméla

    Hope you’re well.

    I think that I had a similar realisation a few years back. I was going through images for a presentation when I noticed recurring patterns in the images and edits. As you note the images first and foremost should please you and it isn’t surprising that they have a ‘style’. Have to add that your style is very stylish too.

    bw d

    David Kessel Sent from my iPhone


    1. pammyv02 says:

      Thank you very much David

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