Sharing another image that created with you last year. Unfortunately, these images only exist in phone. Unfortunately, I have lost most of files due to a corrupted hard drive.

Although, I usually have two extra backups of all my files, unbeknown to me, the back up was unsuccessful. I have contacted numerous company that have informed that the data could be recovered but at an incredible cost. My images and everything I’ve created means a lot to me but I just do not have the funds at this present moment. Just like most of the world, the pandemic has affected me financially and I currently unemployed.

So please learn from me and back up your files and double check ht it has been successful. Let’s get that to the image of the week.

In order to push myself creatively, I chose the simplest composition and used the edit to tell the story.

To capture these in way that made them stand out, I chose a composition that would best show the subjects as two separate entities but as the same time compliment each other.

The edit further enhances this and highlights the subject that stood out the most for me. I wanted to highlight their differences in relation to each other as well as making the height more prominent.

As the title of the post suggest, the name of the image is strength. A quality that we all have. Qualities are what sets us apart. In order for the image to reflect its name, I manipulated the available light and created shadows where it is needed.

Using strong shadows and a pop of light allows for the eye to be drawn to the on the main subject and stays there for a while before drifting. Until the next post, what have you guys been working on?


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