The little things……

I received a message today from someone that follows me on Instagram that made me think about the little things in our lives. The little things that we take for granted.

With each of my images, I try to share my insights, difficulties that I may have encountered along with any doubts that I may have including how I’ve achieved the final image. It is a way for me to share that nobody is perfect especially when you are creating.

During these uncertain times, it important for us all to reassess our priorities. What are we doing? What we will all do?

I think that this are the time for growth and the perfect time to do those things that we’ve been putting off. The things that we’ve convinced ourselves that we don’t have time for. I am not saying that you cannot binge watch Netflix because I definitely still do that. But it is the time to be intentional with what we are creating because for now more than ever the situation that the entire world is currently in is telling us that tomorrow is not certain. Tomorrow is a gift to be cherished.


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