Variations series – Simplicity vs Intricacies

The full Variations series is finally completed.

This series is something that started totally accidentally. From time to time, I set myself assignments is order to hone my composition skills. My aim for this exercise was to create variations from the same subject.

Halfway through the exercise, I realised that this is very similar to each on of us. Allow me to explain. No matter how we think we know ourselves or anyone else, they are part of us that we are not familiar with. This brings me to the many facade that we possess.

Although I am shy and quite open minded, I can be very stubborn and very strong minded when it is needed and even when it is not.

The Simplicity side of the series refers to the open sides to our personality while the Intricacies refer to our more complex side.

Please click on the video below to view the full series…………


Prints and Ebook available on my site:


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