Using ND filters for night photography

When I first tried my hand at night photography, there were something about the images that left me unsatisfied. To be quite honest, the images were simply dull and not what I was looking forward to especially  since  the images will later be in black and white. I wanted a result that captured the city and it’s energy even though nights tend to be quieter.

The first images I had captured were a little dull when converted. Although I knew the result that I wanted, I must admit that I failed to capture a few times. I only have a few hours to really work each night as I can only head out after work as I finish quite late.

If you’ve followed my work for a while, you know that I absolutely love long exposure which means one on my main tools are neutral density filters. My kit contains ND10, 6 and 3. Since I always have my ND filters with me, I tried to use an ND3 then and ND6 and I struck gold.

Below you will find the final result. By using the ND filter I was able to extend the exposure time with a small aperture.

During post processing, I brighten up the trail of light along with the starbursts by dodging and burning.

I have recently come across a a new Natural Night filter by Nisi. According to the company, it is the perfect filter for night and astrophography. It’s aim is to block light wavelengths that causes light pollution such as mercury vapour, sodium, low CRI streetlights. All these can stop us from seeing the real night sky properly. According to what is advertised, the surface layer of the filter helps with ghosting and flare. It is on my wish list of filters to add to my kit.



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