Photography struggles – Self doubt

Every so often, I learn more about photography as an art form but I have also struggled with some part. From finding balance between pursuing the photography that I love and posting images that is expected of me or things that get the most likes. I’ve also felt the pressure of gear upgrade every time I open a magazine.

Some days, I feel drained and I’m not sure where to start, how to grow etc… On other days, I feel really inspired and have creative ideas oozing out of my head. For me photography is a passion that comes from the heart, the passion to try new things, a passion to create and hopefully make a difference. I share my images in the hope that it will say something to someone at the same tile I get a sense of accomplishment.

We all have our struggle. One of mine being self doubt. Tho this day, when I finish an image, I send it to my friend who lives in France and an accountant what she thinks. Sometimes she says yes, while other tîmes she simply just says to me that she doesn’t understand it. Then she asks me, is it what you are looking to achieve, if my answer is yes, then it’s ready. No matter which stage we are at during our journey, we always have that doubt creep in from time to time.

Beeing too critical can be detrimental to our own progress and it also hinders our growth especially comparing ourselves to others. I would personally like to take a leaf out of the photographer Cole Thompson book. In order to create images that are of his vision, he doesn’t look at any else work and when he’s visiting a new place to photograph, he doesn’t look at google images for images of the area prior to his visit. I have seen his work and I believe they are the most genuine and authentic images that I’ve ever seen. His story telling and vision is completely unique.

We all have doubt. Even Michelangelo wrote in his book that he is no painter. Had he chosen to give up right there and then, we would never have been privileged to witness his talent. He chose to carry despite his doubts.

I like to remind myself to enjoy the journey, the good, the bad and the ugly. It is what makes it a true experience and to remember to stick to my vision no matter how many great photographers work I truly admire.

Everyone has doubts including the Masters but how we choose to deal with those doubts is what can make and break us.


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