What is your camera to you?

When you first start on your photographic journey, you buy every magazine on the market with the How to quick guides……. We are taught that it is a good thing to learn but we are not taught to filter things.

I’ve bought many of those magazines and i still have plenty of them. However, one how to guide is followed by gear reviews along with many camera, tripods, camera bag advertisements. We all know that’s how the magazine makes money. My point is that you are almost programmed to be a gear hoarder. Ever noticed the gear list of every photographer featured? Almost making you feel as though if you do not have that particular camera you will not achieve that image.

I must say, I fell for it and believed it.

I started with a Nikon D40 and I still love a few images (I was only beginning) I created with that. As soon as I started, all I wanted was a full frame camera. Let’s be honest, I didn’t even know if I really needed it or it was going to do. However, I did keep keep the camera for few years until the shutter failed and needed replacement. The replacement would have costed me more than the camera so I chose to upgrade to a D90. The shutter failed within a week on that one too but couldn’t get it replaced as Nikon stopped production. I finally chose to upgrade to a Canon 5D. I’ve had this camera for now 3 years and I’m very.

Is it all I hoped for but I took the time to learn everything this camera can do. It now feels like an extended part of me. Would I upgrade again? No. Would upgrading can what I’m creating? No it will not.

I’ve come to learn that creating is about what is within me, what I’m trying to say and just as painters chose to use a canvas, I chose to use a camera.

How many new cameras have hit the market within the last year? The Sony A9, Canon 5D mark IV just to name a few. Would I pick them up, I have no desire to.

My desire is to a more confident with my work and learn to express myself better and my camera is just the tool that will help me achieve my goal.

What is your camera to you?

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  1. My inner eye 🙂

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