Seeing simplicity in photography 

Trying to create simple photographs are more complicated than I’d had expected.

When looking at landscapes, we are filled with an array of emotions that trigger various senses. We smell the air, feel the cold, heat the wind blowing but most of all; our eyes almost see everything sprawled in front of us and we instantly understand. Then what we learn kincks in then we have a vision of what we would achieve.

However to create a minimalist image, you first begin to see lines, simple patterns and how this interact within the landscape and how they interact and position within the frame.

One of my favourite songs is Catapult by Jack Savoretti. The music slowly builds up while the artist draws you in with his words and his enchanting voice. That’s is what I like minimalist images to convey. Slowly draws you in and then hold your gaze in the frame. The aim is to exclude what is distracting and keeping only what is important.

When faced with all the individual elements of landscape, we must train our eyes to select only a small number of vital elements.

Whether it is architecture or landscape, I like to keep my composition as minimal as possible trying to stick to 3 elements. As easy as it sounds, I find difficult at times but what is important is that I am keeping with it.

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  1. The simpler the better as far as I’m concerned … and your first image is just wonderful!

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