London Marathon – Elite Men

LM14 - EMR
London Marathon 2014 – Elite Men
LM14 - EMR3
London Marathon 2014 – Elite Men
LM14 - EMR4
London Marathon 2014 – Elite Men
LM14 - EMR2
London Marathon 2014 – Elite Men

Morning everybody,

Hope the week has been going well so far.

A few more images from the London Marathon 2014, the Elite Men Race. The highlight of the day being able to get a great vantage point to be able to shoot from. This meant that I had to get there pretty early. I chose to position myself on a corner which meant that the runners would have to slow down at this particular point. This gave me the opportunity to follow them a little more easily without having to zoom in and out.

I used to lenses throughout, an 85mm with a friend’s Canon 5D and my Nikon D7000 with a Sigma 70 – 200mm lens. I must say that I was a little disappointed with the Nikon ability to focus. There was a lot of hesitation and a lot of darting which was extremely frustrating.

At the beginning of the race, I used the Canon with the 85mm. The image published here was taken with the 85mm lens on the Canon 5D. No hesitation at all, quick focusing and continuous firing.

Am afraid I’ve been completely ruined now. No longer fan of Nikon (not to say that I will be getting rid of my D7000 as yet).

I loved shooting these events, I love the crowd, the participants are a great inspiration. So I’ve looking to do more of it.

Have a wonderful day everybody!!!




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