Urban Landscape Photography

When it comes to landscape photography, it is easy and convenient to photograph the touristic attraction. Let’s not forget that every city and town have their own little quirks and charms. This creates the most interesting and attractive part of and image.

A landscape image needs to tell a story, what you see and almost you feel when you were taking that image.

Whether good or bad your perspective is what needs to be seen.

The London Eye
I took the above image about a year ago. One of those days where I got up and left the house with my gear with no plan on hand. I started in Waterloo where the London Eye is situated and ended up in North London.
Tunnel that leads to Arsenal Stadium
This was taken around the same time, at the beginning of Spring. It’s the tunnel that leads to the Arsenal stadium. I wasn’t particularly queen on the image when I took but it has grown on me.
All images taken using Nikon gear
Hope you guys had a great week so far!!!

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  1. Borjana says:

    I'm soooo glad I came across your blog,babe,looks amazing!xxB.http://www.beeswonderland.com/

  2. Thank you Borjana. By the way I actually follow your blog

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