CameraBag 2…

Hi Guys,

I guess that’s welcome back to me. Yes i did it again and completely broke my New Year resolution. To cut the story short i had a few crappy weeks and i guess it can only get better.

Today i want to talk about Camerabag2. The  latest editing App out there.

What is Camerabag2?

Like PhotoForge2 and Snapseed, it’s the latest App for photo editing. However, Camerabag2 is only for desktops.

Unlike the iPad and iPhone, Camerabag2 offers over 100 adjustable filter and over dozens of editing controls which means more flexibility and more creative control.

During editing,  all available filters can be viewed in a tile-based system. When a filter is selected, you basic and morre advanced edits such as exposure, vignette, saturation, color correction and curves control. If you design a look that’s not available and you will like to re-use, it can be saved as a new filter.

Just like photoshop, Camerabag2 features a timeline which means non-destructive edits won’t be made. You are also able to  layer different filters and adjustments on top of one another. Other New features include: fast image editing, Raw Format and metadata support, batch saving and 32-bits-per-channel color depth.

This App is currently 13.99 in the Mac App Store and runs on OS X 10.6.6 or later. A cross-platform l licence can also be purchased and a 30-day free trial is also available on the companies site


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